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Active Sessions

River Kings

System: Pathfinder 1.0
Characters: 20 point buy, no Gunsligners

Status: Open

You are all Pathfinders at the lodge in Daggermark. You'll try to balance might with subtlety as you navigate this politics-heavy campaign to keep order.

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Estera and the Wandering Stars

System: D&D 5E
Characters: Rolled (24d6 drop low)

Status: Invite Only - to request an invite, DM Cursed#9999.

 30 years ago, a strange magic sundered the world, wounding the world beyond repair. It's your job to be a beacon of hope to those who've survived.

Numenera 2

System: Numenera (Adapted)
Characters: Unknown

Status: In Development

A join link will be available when Numenera 2 kicks off.

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