Ashes of Creation

We're excited you've decided to play Ashes of Creation with HSG! If you haven't done so already, please create an account for Ashes at the Intrepid website.

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Our Story

Heavenly Sword is an 18+ gaming community based in North America. We look forward to the intense PvP challenge, promising PvE content, and vital economic strategies to come in Ashes of Creation. If you have the desire to join a strong community, get involved, share your talents, and work to build something truly incredible in a new and beautiful world, we would love to get to know you.  

Our community wants to explore all there is to do in Ashes of Creation. To achieve this we need a group of diverse talents and skill sets. If you want to create videos, share your stream with the world, write journals and stories, or let your imagination flow, we want to see it. If you create class guides, PvP strategies, theorize meta builds, or track market trends in spreadsheets, we have a place for you. If you want to hang out, joke around, and build friendships our guild will be there to make those memories. In short we want to enable you to have the type of experience you want, while contributing to the growth and success of the group.  

In HSG we value a culture of respect and maturity. Regardless of your playstyle, skill, or experience we expect everyone to cooperate and have a positive attitude.

Our mission is to build a solid group of highly-engaged members with a focus on longevity, consistency, and intensity. Currently, we're aiming to have a respectable amount of influence on the development and leadership of a single node. Guild events will include regular raiding, world exploration, organized large-scale PvP, arena teams, and community events.  

We have had members testing alpha 0 and are now moving forward into alpha 1 with more. We will continue to develop our coordination through all phases of testing and gain in depth game knowledge for launch. 


Important Links

Guild Google Drive


Our central source of guild information for all things created by you. Drop your original content, videos, and anything you want to show off right here.

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Recruiting Thread


A big part of recruiting new players is keep us front-of-mind on the forums. Drop by and give us a shout to help out.

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HSG Ashes Blog

Ashes General Information

Game Footage


Ashes contains many robust systems. Nodes, races, religions, seasons, and environments abound - check out some of what they've already released here.

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Live Streams


Interpid streams to the community on Twitch at least monthly. Here is a backlog of all their record streams to review when you want to hear some of the finer details.

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Official Intrepid Blog


Ashes also runs a great blog with interesting content and lore tidbits that's worth a visit. Check it out.

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